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Membership Policy

The leadership team have curated a set of standard guidelines & code of conduct that apply to each member of AIMRA. We strongly urge the members to abide by the policies for the betterment of every retailer and the association. Kindly review the ‘Members Code of Conduct & Guidelines’.

  • Members & leaders must follow online meeting etiquette
  • Do not ask for personal benefits with DB & Brands
  • Treat colleagues & leadership team with respect & equality
  • Extend your helping hand to other members when needed
  • Every member/leader should respect the Association
  • Rely on facts & data before presenting to the leaders
  • Always lookout for amicable solutions
  • Money is temporary, Integrity is permanent
  • Email your suggestions or complaints at:
  • Have separate committees for state for:
  • -Technology/Current Market/Legal/Ideas & Marketing

AIMRA Communication Guidelines

Communication plays an important role in building an association and create its DNA and a positive stand. Quicker and precise communication can make you win a lost battle. Please refer to the below communication guide to be used for different social media platforms and communication methods.

WhatsApp/ Telegram being the fastest and most available means of communication with masses, AIMRA uses It to communicate the facts to reach the last miles. To maintain uniformity and speedy inputs various groups are formed to achieve the desired goals.

Do’s & Don’ts-

  1. Always follow the Group guidelines
  2. All messages in the group should be relevant
  3. No personal or derogatory messages and no Anti-India posts
  4. Do not share confidential information
  5. No personal vendetta to be played
  6. In case of any concern, report it to admin or email at:

For Group Admins or Person holding Positions

  1. Cannot add any person from outside the fraternity
  2. If a member breaches a policy, they will get a warning followed by intimation to the national team and then removal from the group