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About aimra

AIMRA (All India Mobile Retailers Association) is an apex body, representing the Over 1.5 lacs mobile retailers of India. It is a body created by the retailers and works for the retailers of the fraternity meeting their needs and requirements, training, engaging, and developing their skills to keep pace with the changing times and technology.

Core Values of aimra

Over the last 7 glorious years AIMRIANS are proud to have a structured format that has helped them to achieve numerous milestones!
These are the foundation of AIMRA that makes us the fastest-growing organized Association in India


Strongly believe in ‘United we Rise divided we fall’ hence invest in bringing all the members on one platform to strengthen our unity.


We at Aimra have developed a culture of pure transparency helping other businesses grow.


No Compromises on the values & everyone keeps organization above the individual gains taking utmost accountability towards fraternity


We take pride in being called AIMRA'INs.


We nurture Respect in our organizational DNA, and extend care, faith treat all with due respect.


With Subject experts in the panel, we are proactive & visionary ready to innovate to face future challenges


Passionate about achieving the highest standards of quality.


With dedicated and disciplined leadership we extend a stable approach towards a healthy business.

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What We Do

As a National-level association, AIMRA is engaged with various platforms at different levels. Right from working at the grassroots levels to reaching upto the National policymakers! Explore our engagements to understand our commitment towards our members and the Nation.

Media Coverage

Get in-depth insight into every activity that we undertake at AIMRA! Stay tuned with the latest updates coming from the industry insiders, changes in Govt Policy norms, brand updates and much more!

YouTube Updates

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch the video updates from our National leadership, trending news or reports from the mobile industry.

Twitter Updates

Follow the official AIMRA Twitter page to stay connected with every update from the National leadership. Retweet and comment as per the guidelines for the maximum reach & effectiveness of the social platform!