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About Us

AIMRA (All India Mobile Retailers Association) is an apex body, representing the 1.5 lac mobile retailers PAN-India.

With the entry of cash-rich Technology-driven organizations into retail, creating a monopolistic and discriminatory environment in trade it became a necessity for the mobile retail industry to have a body that could raise the concerns at various levels for smooth running and survival of the business.

Hence, as an answer to the requirements of mobile retail, 70 retailers from across the country met together in New Delhi and laid the foundation of the All India Mobile Retailers Association (AIMRA) on 11th September 2014 Under the leadership of Shri Kailash Lakhyani, Chairman of AIMRA. AIMRA is the only association representing over 1.50 lac mobile retailers in India.

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Our Mission

The AIMRA’s mission is to advance and protect the interests of the Mobile retail industry and the retailers by creating a unified platform to connect with brands. AIMRA aims to put forth a unanimous & strong voice to the policymakers and Government regarding the challenges in the industry. Educating, informing, and developing the retailers PAN-India is our objective.

Our Vision

To create a world-class association of like-minded leaders, very high on honesty, dedication & discipline, ready to contribute towards the upliftment of the Retail Industry. The platform stands at the national level with a determination to connect with every retailer across India.

DNA of aimra

Over the last 8 glorious years, AIMRIANS are proud to have a structured format that has helped them to achieve numerous milestones!
These are the foundation of AIMRA that makes us the fastest-growing organized Association in India


Strongly believe in ‘United we Rise divided we fall’ hence invest in bringing all the members on one platform to strengthen our unity.


With Subject experts in the panel, we are proactive & visionary ready to innovate to face future challenges


With dedicated and disciplined leadership we extend a stable approach towards a healthy business.


We nurture Respect in our organizational DNA, and extend care, faith treat all with due respect.


No Compromises on the values & everyone keeps organization above the individual gains taking utmost accountability towards fraternity


We take pride in being called AIMRIAN’s.


Passionate about achieving the highest standards of quality.

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Collaboration with Elite Associations in India

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Kailash Lakhyani

Founder Member
Arvinder KHurana AIMRA

Arvinder Singh Khurana

National President
Founder Member
Bhavesh Solanki

Late Bhavesh Solankhi

National General Secretary
Founder Member
Vibhooti Prasad AIMRA

Vibhooti Prasad

Sr. National Vice President
Founder Member
Navneet Pathak AIMRA

Navneet Pathak

National Joint Secretary