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Our History

  • Formation in the presence of 70 leaders across 16 states of India
  • Nationwide tour to connect with local associations
  • Excel meets, Workshops to educate, motivate retailers
  • Nationwide ‘Lenovo Non-Cooperation Moment’ conducted against the brands unfair & unethical policies
  • 100+ Workshops conducted to upgrade retailer community
  • Collaborated with Pinelab
  • Petition against Online portals in collaboration with RAI in Kerala HC
  • Organised Mumbai Convention with participation of over 3000 retailers from country
  • Launched the ‘Retailer ki Kahani’ an eye opener video. Watch now
  • India tour to connect with people
  • 1st AGM in Goa – it continued every year till 2018
  • Connected with HDFC Country head Mrs. Smita Bhagat for Retailer needs
  • MOP drive across the country
  • Collaboration with NBFC
  • Closely worked with NBFC’s bringing retail savvy schemes
  • Educated retail on Importance of Financing – Do’s & Don’ts, honest business with NBFC
  • Introduces the SOT Program at Raipur Convention
  • Conducted GST Meets & Awareness Camps across country
  • Raised Concerns over the Exclusivity trends
  • Rajasthan AGM- Launch of Aimra Anthem
  • Created 10 Expert Videos to implement GST & Challenges
  • Began fight against the Exclusivity of Products
  • Opposed the Online unethical trade practices
  • Raised voice against the Exclusivity by Brands
  • AIMRA fought with brands & stopped 100% exclusivity like U series, M series.
  • Continued talks with brand on these issues for solutions and survival of Retail industry
  • Initiated the ‘Samsung Movement’ to bring M series into retail
  • Educated retail on upcoming online challenges
  • Presented concerns with Government of India on various platforms against the unethical trade discounts by online
  • Introduced the AIMRA2.0 in August in presence of 150 leaders of country
    • ‘Chalo Dilli Campaign’ at Ramlila Maidan against the Amazon Policy with CAIT
    • History created with over 25000 mobile retailers from across the country
    • Introduced the Term ‘Mainline Retailer’ earlier termed as ‘Mainline’
    • One Nation, One Association - AIMRA
    • 1000 + Zoom meets conducted
    • Successfully opposed the Online Delivery of Mobiles during Lockdown
    • Stopped exclusivity of brands Achieved Same time, Same Price, Same offer.
    • Persuaded and pushed brands to supply stocks to every retailer in the country.
    • Moratorium, 20% Loans for business development without collateral from Banks to the existing loan holders, Letter, and guidance for Rental waivers during lockdown.
    • Correction of GST on credit noted from Brands
    • Raised concerns with NBFC to stopped mandatory insurance, NO risk pool, blocked codes.
    • Created over 2000 Leaders across the nation.
    • Conducted over 1000 zoom meets during lock down in continued effort to work forward to mitigate challenge
    • Letter of concerns and representations to PMO, MoF, MoCI
    • Representations at DPIIT, CCI on Online Policy
    • Zoom Connects on concerns of industry with
      1. CM of Maharashtra Shri Uddhav Thakre
      2. Deputy CM of Delhi Shri Manish Sisodia,
      3. Deputy CM of Bihar Shri Tarkishore Prasad
      4. Minister of Industry (Bihar)Sayed Shahnawaz Hussain
      5. Deputy CM of Uttar Pradesh Shri Dinesh Sharma
    • Training & development of the retailer on technology, use of social media, communication
    • Continued fight on Exclusivity
    • Awareness Video drive to stop Fake Activations
    • Representations and connects with Brands for solutions
    • Social Initiative: over 10000 units of blood donation, 15000 food for needy,5000 Tree plantations in a day on 7th anniversary
    • ‘Ek Bharat Ek AIMRA’- Yatra Saptah to connect the retailers across physically
    • AGM 2022 Kolkata:
    1. A grand event attended by core leaders from across the country.
    2. Addressed by the GST commissioner of West Bengal & notable High Court advocates.
    3. Discussed ground-level issues with OnePlus Business Head & Realme Sales Director.

    • Vivo T series was introduced in Mainline stores through positive discussions with Vivo leadership.
    • OPPO launched K series in Mainline stores following a nationwide hunger strike movement against them.
    • Convinced Samsung to bring M & F Series to Mainline stores, maintaining fair pricing.
    • Addressed bundling practices through formal meetings with Samsung, Realme & Xiaomi.
    • Resolved inventory shortage challenges for retailers from various brands including Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, Oppo, OnePlus, Apple & Samsung.
    • Correspondence, letters & meetings with brand CEOs/Directors of Vivo, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Realme used to find practical solutions to various issues.
    • Re-established dialogues with Xiaomi's new management & shared valuable insights based on ground reality through meetings & correspondence.
    • Established connections with OPPO's new management to address retailer concerns.
    • Protested against Oppo's focus on E-commerce and wholesale channels in the LFR/MT segment.
    • Ongoing efforts to make POCO smartphones available in Delhi, Bangalore & Gujarat retail stores.
    • Realme Maharashtra Issue:
    1. Highlighted challenges faced by retailers & distributors in Maharashtra, through direct representation & media coverage.
    2. This forced Realme to take action for resolution.
    • Awareness about NBFC:
    1. Raised awareness among retailers about Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) to ensure business growth.
    2. Established connections with leading NBFCs (Bajaj, HDB, IDFC & HDFC Bank) while addressing cash funding misuse.
    • Retailers' Grievances Cell:
    1. Escalated pressing issues related to pending claims & anomalies faced by retailers.
    2. Urged brands for quick solutions regarding delayed payments & distribution problems.
    • Statutory Compliance:
    1.Conducted awareness campaigns and engaged experts on tax compliance, impact of 194R, GST Credit Notes, and rejection of pre-activated handsets.
    2. Collaborated with ORA, and took action through B4 companies for timely compliance.
    3. Communicated with brands, emphasizing ease of business & disclaimers in scheme letters.
    • Social Initiatives:
    1. Organized a nationwide blood donation camp & food distribution drive in memory of Bhavesh Bhai.
    2. Successfully collected 20,000+ units of blood and distributed 2000+ food packets across India.
    • Social Media Advocacy:
    1. Successfully raised voice against government and brand-related issues on social media platforms.
    2. Resulted in positive responses and solutions for the retail industry.
    • Pre-activations & Cybersecurity:
    1.Highlighted the critical implications of pre-activations for national security and cybercrime.
    2. Shed light on the negative impact of sale-out schemes used by brands like Realme on innocent retailers.
    • E-commerce Policy:
    1. Represented the industry in a meeting with the Department of Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade (DPIIT).
    2. Shared insights through letters to Hon'ble Shri Piyush Goyal Ji.
    3. Advocated for a strict and fair e-commerce policy, ensuring a level playing field.
    • Consumer Affairs Advocacy:
    1. Submitted a comprehensive memorandum to Shri Rohit Singh Ji from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, GOI. 2. Outlined consumer benefits in mobile retail and advocated for their protection.
    • GST Credit Note Compliance:
    1. B4 companies assist in improving GST Credit note compliance.
    • Controlling Pre-Activated Handsets:
    -1Demanding brands to implement technical app support for retailer safety & consumer rights.
    1. Samsung, Apple & Nokia have taken steps to avoid pre-activation.
    2.Other brands need technical support to curtail sales of pre-activated handsets.
    • Bharath Darshan Initiative:
    1.AIMRA Founder & Chairman Mr Kailash Lakhyani and National Joint General Secretary Mr Navneet Pathak travelled to Chennai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Yamuna Nagar & Delhi in H1 to gather suggestions for faster resolutions.
    2.More travels planned for H2.
    • Samsung Challenges:
    1. Correspondence with Samsung to resolve challenges with flagship launches, bundles, freebies & unique colours to e-commerce has been determined.
    2. Convinced Samsung to supply M & F models and requested better allocation to Mainline.
    • Social Initiatives:
    1. Organized nationwide blood donation drive and "Feed the Needy" campaign in memory of Bhavesh Solanki.
    • Xiaomi Collaboration:
    1. Worked closely with Xiaomi to improve retail conditions.
    2. Achieved GST compliance, quick support, increased margins, cleared old stocks and provided solutions to retailers.
    3. They were testing safety applications like GMCS.
    4. Refunds are given to retailers in Haryana & Tricity.
    • Addressing NBFCs:
    1. Discussed retailer pain points.
    2. Raised concerns about cash funding, forced insurance & DBD charges.
    3. Correspondence with NBFCs and banks highlighted issues in national media and requested the removal of DBD charges.
    • Engagement with Govt & National Associations:
    1. Engaged with ONDC management to assist retailers in e-commerce.
    2. Participated in national meetings with CAIT.
    3. Met with ICEA President to escalate the industry challenges and solutions.
    1.AIMRA was invited to an in-person meeting in ORA to work closely on common issues.
    • Digital Connect:
    1. Conducted 100+ meetings in H1 with state leaders, distributors, government officials, mobile brands, and NBFC representatives.
    2. Sent over 100+ emails in H1 to brands and government entities addressing various issues.
    • Social Media & Media Coverage:
    1.Utilized social media to raise awareness about various concerns.
    2.National media coverage for Apple, Samsung, Realme & OnePlus.
    • YUVA Partnership:
    1. Partnered with YUVA initiative to provide internships and practical knowledge to undergraduate students, supporting the Ministry of youth affairs, GOI.
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